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   ☆ Your position:3D Products Feature

1. 3D Artwork Workflow
①.Prepare the images.
You can send us your files in various formats and media as we have a large bank of software and hardware. Or you can just send us a sample of product and your idea, let us take care the rest for you.
Format: PC or Mac Coreldraw,illustrator,Freehand,Photoshop,JPEG,TIF,EPS,AVI
Resolution: 200-600dpi in actual size,depending on project
400dpi in CMYK mode or above for litho lenticular project.
200dpi in RGB mode for display lenticular project
3D Backgrounds(very important!):
Make all background layers about 1/4 oversize for all 3D images.
For example:30" wide bleed on background level is required for 24" wide 3D picture.
File format:
PHOTOSHOP and TIFF files work best for lenticular imageing.3D images should be provided as layered files.You may have a quantity of 2-99 layers. Animated images may also be provided as layered.PSD files."Flip" images may be .PSD or .TIFF files.
Media: CD or DVD

②.Image designing and interlacing.
We possess proficient computer designer and the powerful professional software to turn your ideas come turn

Two way to output.
Lenticular Project: We are using high quality printing press, such as Heidelberg, Roland, KBA to direct print image on the back on lenticular.
Size:46 x 66 cm
Display lenticular project: We use high dpi laser jet machine, to make image on Kodak professional paper, and stick to lenticular with high transparent double sided-tape.
Size: up to 1.2 x 2.4 M
[ P.S.:In order to make the best effect to meet high acurate requirement of lenticular products, it is a must to use original consumables or with same quality material.


2. 3D Technology
1)Technological introduction
The mankind has records of history and scientific passing on because of invention of the characters. When it is earliest, the characters and picture have no one that is distinguished, so that is to say that the characters or the picture are mankind's most primitive expression ways. Early picture with getting black-and-white to is it become colored to stress 3D (three-dimensional ) and even on fictitious real realm of border even more at present later to appear to come. Level picture three-dimensional technology that take goods put out too right away as early as more than 30 years ago, but it is unable to break through to have for fear of the restriction of the material and key technology , so can only apply to the goods of the small area , in three- dimensional layer can only accomplish four a under one false and three-dimensional at most (3D), make such as general being seen cartoon with method that picture move by mistake their. Because of fast development that computer use , so bring up in level picture three-dimensional break-through of technology and is it grow up area , multi-level three-dimensional layer to become in recent years, and even put out the three-dimensional advertising billboard that melted successively in the goods without real 3D (REAL3D ) of the level, combine LCD level display and 3D three-dimensional level display that become too successively in not developing.
Our company is devoted to the research and development of 3D three-dimensional picture , already there is great break-through at present, except what above-mentioned domestic most producer use move law outside the cartoon by mistake, shoot 3D outdoor scene America and Japan use at present law computer fictitious 3D law piles of line law permeate, create real 3D three-dimensional picture that very continuous large area of depth of field changed more, in addition, can move its technology outside to shoot to research and develop even more (such as the scenery , building), no longer as in room as national limitations of America and Japan or shoot in the film studio , so it is domestic to already surmount as regards whole technology and even on the America and Japan.

2)Ultimate 3D technology introduction
A)Mis-shift(imitation of 3D):Single image was selected to be mis-shifted, which the third dimension of arrangement and contrast was factured,this is the most popular application of using 3D technology.
b)Morph:This technology can make solid image double multi-image changed.The continued changed image results as animation image.
c)3D image simulated by computer:The images are generated by computer but not from real images,it can be modified easily from angels,color and size as our customer's wish.Once all the factors has been set,the 3D effect comes out at last afer our professional work.
d)Motion:This technology can make solid image inter changed.The continued changed image results as animation image.
e)Flash:A number of images are superposed together,we can see the images change continuously when moving our standing position.
f)Multi-image:The advantage of our unique technology is to creat the images have more depth of field than common 3D.This technology could also improve production efficiency.Integrated with common 3D technique,this application has been widely used as the packaging material.
g)3D imensional Depth:Using digital camera to take pictures from surrounded angles.The range from tiny objects,such as finger ring,to the landscape of hundreds meters far away.Then the picture shows 3D depth stereoscopic and continual depth,even looking like standing out of the lenticulation.This technique is different from others photographs taken in the studio.