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[3D FAQS].What is 3D Printing?
[3D FAQS].Types of 3D printing products
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[3D FAQS].The principle of 3D lenticular lens technology
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[3D FAQS].The formation of three-dimensional and 3D animation?
[3D FAQS].3D three-dimensional difference between printing and traditional printing?
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[3D FAQS].What is the difference between the effect of
[3D FAQS].What do you mean by orientation of changing?
[3D FAQS].Is the sample production stage necessary? Can I skip it?
[3D FAQS].Can we combine several effects together onto the same images?
[3D FAQS].What is the “pitch”?
[3D FAQS].How many kinds of lenticular software?
[3D FAQS].What is difference between lenticular plate,lenticular board and lenticular lens?
[3D FAQS].Why lenticular board? lenticular lens?lenticular sheet?
[3D FAQS].What is LPI?
[3D FAQS].What is "bleed"?
[3D FAQS].What effects can lenticular do?
[3D FAQS].What is your standard turnaround time? And can I pay for rush service?
[3D FAQS].How to begin with my 3d work?
[3D FAQS].What effects are achieved?
[3D FAQS].What is the “pitch”?
[3D FAQS].What is binocular disparity?
[3D FAQS].What is needed?
[3D FAQS].How to adjust lenticular image?
[3D FAQS].Why you choose lenticular?
[3D FAQS].What picture suitable for three-dimensional painting?
[3D FAQS].Do you offer 4/4 full color printing on both sides?
[3D FAQS].How do I track my order?
[3D FAQS].What payment methods do you accept?
[3D FAQS].How to choose lenticular material?
[3D FAQS].Can you use the logo and images from my website to create a card?